The Sky is not the limit.

We found ourselves realizing that more and more companies and brands are blocking themselves by listening to THEIR OWN limiting assumptions rather than listening to what is going OUT THERE.

Forget the clichés of thinking out of the box and go around the border of your own box if it puts you at ease to start with.

The border of your box is your current context and it is up to you to fill it up with the right amount of content.

If you LISTEN you will LEARN and respond and trust me you will RE:DRAW your context in order to be able to fill it in with an ever growing content.

Don’t let to be told what to do, let yourself believe in what you ARE capable of.

First and foremost DESIGN common set of values and beliefs even if it is a box but work on its size!  Remember: size does matter and the sky is not the limit since there are footsteps on the moon. 

-tom hidvegi 

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